Those wacky Brits and their crazy signs    
We wouldn't believe them without photographic proof

(Check the explanation for "Plant Movements" sign below)
british dog sign
Couldn't it just say "Curb your dog?"
We found this one across the street
from Hampton Court Palace.
Naked lights
We're unsure of "naked lights."
Maybe an open flame?
Help your local spastics
This photo is a gift from Patty Stanton,
who saw this collection box
on a London street, marked
"Please help your local spastics."
Turbo Tan van
We sighted the Turbo Tan van
in Edinburgh.

And a few signs from elsewhere...

Covered mosaic
This gem is from our excursion to Ostia Antica, the ancient ruins near Rome.
Click for bigger image.
Nice meat to you
Part of a bigger sign we found while walking in Budapest.
Click for bigger image.
Have you got any you want to share? Send them to me and let everyone enjoy them.
Dan Brekke did the research: I'll tell you what I think it means: The sign warns that heavy vehicles are at work in the parking lot. Of course, I did some research to try to back up my guess. I discovered that plant is a British-ism denoting heavy construction equipment -- the kind used in construction (dump truck, front loader, crane) -- and that plant movement is a generic term for activity that uses this equipment. There's even a company called Plant Movements:  
David W. Taylor writes: I think that I can translate. In Britain engineering equipment is referred to as "plant" as in "plant and machinery." So in this case the plant would be diggers and earth movers and so on. Coincidentally my wife and I were motoring along in Scotland last November, when Jo Lyn shrieked with laughter. "That sign just said: 'Heavy plant crossing.' "
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