A tour of the bridge, dining room, and the wildlife alongside.
And of course... the fabulous Royal Suite to which we were upgraded.
suite_0438 suite_0477 ship_0523 ship_0524 bridge_0776
suite_0438.jpg suite_0477.jpg ship_0523.jpg ship_0524.jpg bridge_0776.jpg
bridge_0777 bridge_0779 bridge_0783 bridge_0786 bridge_0787
bridge_0777.jpg bridge_0779.jpg bridge_0783.jpg bridge_0786.jpg bridge_0787.jpg
bridge_0793 ship_0828 dolphins_0054 dolphins_0093 dolphins_0121
bridge_0793.jpg ship_0828.jpg dolphins_0054.jpg dolphins_0093.jpg dolphins_0121.jpg
dolphins_0149 dolphins_0446 dolphins_0456 dolphins_0467 dolphins_0468
dolphins_0149.jpg dolphins_0446.jpg dolphins_0456.jpg dolphins_0467.jpg dolphins_0468.jpg
food_0731 food_0732 food_0734 food_0741 food_0746
food_0731.jpg food_0732.jpg food_0734.jpg food_0741.jpg food_0746.jpg

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